Customized Services

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We fully understand that buying from China sometimes is quite risky. But when you choose BSUSA, we cover your buying risks for you. Even for the ecommerce businesses!

Through BSUSA, We take the commercial responsibility of any fraud or cheating actions of suppliers to avoid risks on your side.

BSUSA guarantees that all the goods you will receive is going to be according to your requirements. BSUSA provides customized services and will take the responsibility for any lack of quantity or items broken.

There is no hidden charge or cost besides our original agreement. You will never face any hidden fees cases.

Having team members in China and USA, BSUSA guarantees to break communication barrier.  BSUSA does fully understand you and your requirements. Purchase "Made in China" products from the team who has 25 years of experience. Locating at Los Angeles, HongKong and China, BSUSA is in everywhere and anywhere you need.

We could help you with the entire buying process. Sourcing, Finding a factory according to your needs, Inspecting the samples strictly, production, re-packaging products ii needed, re-branding and arranging the shipment. We will always optimize supply chain and logistics, on your behalf.


- Best offer through best-team sourcing

- Custom-made production that allows you to get exactly what you want

- Full Quality Control which gives you much more relief when you buy from China

- Hassle-free Shipping, no need to worry about how to ship, BSUSA does everything on your behalf!

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To provide the best quality products at the most reasonable prices: We can source any products according to your request. Just contact us your request details; such as product photos, quantities, colors, size, product info, delivery time, etc. We will give sourcing details within a few days.

To supply products for Amazon Seller: We offer complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon labeling, FBA Shipping, etc.

To provide ease of payment: We do accept and receive the payments within the USA or directly to China, completely depending on the customers' situation or demand.

To provide customized shipment: We can handle customs clearance for you, and make sure you can receive goods on time. We also cooperate with reliable logistic forwarder who can deliver to your door.

To ensure a worry-free trade: So far, you most probably have heard or seen some cases in which people who trade with China have been defrauded, deceived, or sent the wrong product. It is our sole purpose to put an end to this situation and bring a new breath to the market.