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Generating Professional Relationships - Helping New Businesses
We are an umbrella for several Meetup groups which include networks for entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners. We offer many ways to help you in your journey to success by providing opportunities to exchange business ideas, tips and find new contacts.

Sponsoring Our groups
Sponsoring will give you tremendous exposure to our members and a large business community. Our family of small business groups have over 7,200 members, inside and outside meetup, and still growing!

Professional Business Directory
The Directory serves two purposes: You can find resources to help you or be a resource for others to find.

Events and MeetUps
Networking, Events, meetups, lectures and meetings





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  Roger Kuperways, Ph.D. Founder and CEO  

We work with professionals, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs with our professional coaching to help them reach their business goals we also help to connect with other business owners to build relationships.



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